Welcome New Editorial Board Members: Germà Bel, Kenneth Bickers, Robin Boyle

Germà Bel is a Professor of Economics at University of Barcelona, where he is the director of the Pasqual Maragall Chair on Economy and Territory, and of the research unit Government and Markets. He has been a Visiting Professor at Cornell and Princeton. His research focuses on the economics and politics of public sector reform, infrastructure and transportation, and local public services.

Kenneth Bickers is Professor of Political Science at the University of Colorado-Boulder. His current research is focused on the consequences of devolution of federal policy activities to states and local communities, studying campaigns and elections of candidates for local offices, and exploration of the relationship between residential mobility and local politics. He is a member of the executive council of the American Political Science Association’s Section on Urban Politics.

Robin Boyle is a Professor of Urban Planning and Chair of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at Wayne State University. His research focuses on planning and design for an aging society, investment patterns in residential and retail development, and issues of vacant land in central cities. He is co-chair of the Detroit chapter of the Urban Land Institute and serves on the board of the Michigan Suburbs Alliance.


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