Welcome New Editorial Board Members: Nikos Hlepas, Mirya Holman, Changhoon Jung

Nikos Hlepas is an Associate Professor of Regional Administration and Self Government at the Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. He has published several books and articles on local governance.

Mirya Holman is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University. Her research focuses on women and politics and urban politics, including Women in Politics in the American City (Temple University Press, 2014) and other research on gender politics, urban politics, voting, and race and ethnic politics.

Changhoon Jungis a Professor at Inha University in Korea. His research focuses on interlocal cooperation, state-level tax and expenditure limits, and local government finance. He was previously on the political science faculty at Auburn University as a Center for Government Service Fellow.

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