Sanctuary Cities, Crime, and the Collected Works of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

I want to bring to your attention two recent Washington Post Monkey Cage articles by the authors of the also recently published UAR article, “The Politics of Refuge: Sanctuary Cities, Crime, and Undocumented Immigration.”

Benjamin Gonzalez, Loren Collingwood, and Stephen Omar El-Khatib wrote about their research in the Washington Post back in October.  Recently, they wrote a follow-up piece on The Monkey Cage that dealt with a July 12, 2017 speech from Attorney General Jeff Sessions in which he remarked:  “According to a recent study from the University of California, Riverside, cities with these policies have more violent crime on average than those that don’t.”  The research that Sessions was referring to was almost certainly that of Gonzalez, Collingwood, and El-Khatib but, as they note it their Monkey Cage follow-up, Sessions got their findings completely wrong:

In fact, our study suggests a different conclusion: Municipalities that chose to designate themselves as sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants experience crime rates no higher than they otherwise would.

Gonzalez, Collingwood, and El-Khatib speculate in their follow-up that the mischaracterization possibly came from erroneously “repackaged” versions of the research published on World Net Daily or Fox News.

The UAR article and both Monkey Cage articles are all worth a read.

-Scott Minkoff, Forum Editor

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