Disasters and Economic Shocks Virtual Issue

Jered Carr, Co-Editor and Managing Editor of UAR

In advance of the research that will soon be coming forth about the varied impacts of COVID-19 on our lives, UAR Co-Editor Peter Burns has identified several UAR articles that engage issues he thinks will receive a lot of attention from urban scholars. This “virtual” issue on Disasters and Economic Shocks highlights previously published articles on emergency management networks, inequities in public services, public health, immigration policy, and city responses to economic shocks.

An, Brian, Morris Levy, and Rodney Hero. “It’s not just welfare: Racial inequality and the local provision of public goods in the United States.” Urban Affairs Review 54.5 (2018): 833-865.

Corburn, Jason. “Reconnecting with our roots: American urban planning and public health in the twenty-first century.” Urban Affairs Review 42.5 (2007): 688-713.

Faber, Jacob W. “Cashing in on distress: The expansion of fringe financial institutions during the great recession.” Urban Affairs Review 54.4 (2018): 663-696.

Huang, Xi, and Cathy Yang Liu. “Welcoming cities: Immigration policy at the local government level.” Urban Affairs Review 54.1 (2018): 3-32.

Jung, Kyujin, Minsun Song, and Richard Feiock. “Isolated and broken bridges from interorganizational emergency management networks: An institutional collective action perspective.” Urban Affairs Review 55.3 (2019): 950-975.

Kasdan, David Oliver. “Emergency management 2.0: This time, it’s financial.” Urban Affairs Review 52.5 (2016): 864-882.

MacManus, Susan A., and Kiki Caruson. “Emergency management: Gauging the extensiveness and quality of public-and private-sector collaboration at the local level.” Urban Affairs Review 47.2 (2011): 280-299.

Montjoy, Robert S., and Edward E. Chervenak. “Postdisaster Politics: New Lessons from New Orleans.” Urban Affairs Review 56.3 (2020): 703–25.

Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash

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