New Book Review Space on the Forum

The Forum is pleased to announce its new Book Review space, edited and curated by former UAR co-editors Jill Tao and Antonio Tavares.*

Jill and Antonio write, “The Forum will be hosting a regular Book Review space and is seeking contributions. What are we looking for? There are three basic types of reviews that we are seeking:

First, shorter synopses of more recent work that summarizes, critiques, and places within it the context of the literature in urban affairs.

Second, longer, critical review essays that synthesize different texts to generate discussion.

And third, reviews of “classic” texts. Book Reviews will be published on the Urban Affairs Forum and our role will largely be to curate contributions from a wide range of scholarly perspectives on important topics in urban affairs.

The latter two forms will be published in the Urban Affairs Review, and will therefore undergo a more typical review process. Please send proposals for all three types of reviews to us at We are looking for contributions from different disciplines that make important contributions to urban/regional/local politics, governance, and policy. Keep your eyes on this space and see if it sparks joy!”

*Note: Antonio and Jill have since stepped down from their roles as book review editors. New editors will be announced soon.