APSA Urban and Local Politics Section Invites Nominations for 2021 Awards

The Urban and Local Politics section of the American Political Science Association invites nominations for its 2021 awards.

The following will be awarded at the 2021 Annual Meeting:

  • The Best Dissertation Award is given annually for the best dissertation on urban politics (domestic or international) accepted in the previous year. The award comes with a $250 prize. Instructions:  Submissions should be sent directly to the award committee members.  They should include a copy of the dissertation and a nomination letter from the author’s academic department or supervisor.  Award committee:  Eleonora Pasotti, Chair (UC Santa Cruz), pasotti@ucsc.edu; Christopher Warshaw (George Washington University), warshaw@gwu.edu; Akira Drake Rodriguez (University of Pennsylvania) akirad@design.upenn.edu.
  • The Byran Jackson Dissertation Research Award recognizes the outstanding scholarship by a graduate student studying racial and ethnic politics in an urban setting. The award is for a dissertation that is in progress, rather than a completed dissertation. The award comes with a $500 prize. Instructions: Nominations should be sent directly to the award committee members, and must include a nomination letter.  Award committee: Andrea Benjamin, Chair (University of Oklahoma), andrea.benjamin@ou.edu; Katherine Einstein (Boston University), kleinst@bu.edu; Sally Nuamah (Northwestern), sally.nuamah@northwestern.edu.
  • The Clarence Stone Scholar Award recognizes up to two young scholars who are making a significant contribution to the study of urban politics. The award is to be given to up to two post-PhD scholars who are early in their career (pre-tenure, or recently advanced within the last 3 years). Instructions: Nominations should be submitted directly to committee members, and must include a nomination letter and CV. Award committee members: Jessica Trounstine, Chair (UC Merced), jtrounstine@ucmerced.edu; Kimberly Johnson (New York University), kj37@nyu.edu; Anne Pitcher (University of Michigan), pitchera@umich.edu.
  • The Dennis Judd Best Book Award recognizes the best book on urban politics (domestic or international) published in 2020. Instructions: The submission must include a nomination letter and book copies for each committee member; these should be sent directly to committee members. Award committee members:  Sarah Reckhow, Chair (Michigan State), reckhow@msu.edu; David Kaufman (ETZ Zurich), kadavid@ethz.ch; Lester Spence (Johns Hopkins), unbowed@gmail.com.
  • The Norton Long Career Achievement Award is presented annually to a scholar who has made distinguished contributions to the study of urban politics over the course of a career through scholarly publication, the mentoring of students, and public service. Instructions: A nomination letter and two supporting letters should be submitted to all committee members. Award committee members: Margaret Weir, Chair (Brown University), margaret_weir@brown.edu; Rodney Hero (Arizona State University), rhero@asu.edu; John Mollenkopf (CUNY), jmollenkopf@gc.cuny.edu.
  • The Susan Clarke Young Scholar Award recognizes scholars who completed their Ph.D. within the last three years (or are ABDs) and submitted a paper proposal for the 2021 APSA meeting to the 2021 program chairs. Instructions: Please send nominations to the award committee directly and designate that you are eligible for the Susan Clarke Young Scholars’ Award. Award committee members: Vlad Kogan, Chair (Ohio State University); kogan.18@osu.edu; Christopher Gore (Ryerson University), chris.gore@ryerson.edu; Meg Rithmire (Harvard University), mrithmire@hbs.edu.

Note that individuals may nominate themselves for all awards except the Best Dissertation award, which must be nominated by the scholar’s academic department or supervisor.

The deadline for submission is March 15, 2021.

For information regarding past recipients of the section awards, see: https://connect.apsanet.org/s13/

Photo by Emma Claire on Unsplash

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