About UAR and UAF

Urban Affairs Review is a peer-reviewed, bi-monthly journal focused on questions of politics, governance, and public policy specifically as they relate to cities and/or their regions. Submissions of empirical and comparative research from different scholarly disciplines and methodological perspectives are encouraged. Potential topics include: civic and political engagement; racial and ethnic politics; local and regional institutions; municipal fiscal health; and analyses of urban public policies directed at community development; economic, civic, and environmental sustainability; public education, affordable housing, public transportation, public safety, and physical infrastructure.

The Urban Affairs Forum is a space for leading thinkers about urban issues to share their research, ideas, and experiences. Visit us for insights on local and regional politics, urban governance, and public policy that are based in the research findings of our diverse community of scholars and practitioners. You can learn more about the Forum here.

We are interested in Forum contributions about urban, local, and regional topics. If you would like to contribute, email Jered Carr at jbcarr@uic.edu.

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The journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Urban Affairs Review is published by SAGE.  The full text of all our articles can be found at our SAGE website.

Editors-in-Chief of the Urban Affairs Review 1965-Present

Marilyn J. Gittell (1965-1970)

Peter Bouxsein (1970-1973)

Louis H. Masotti (1974-1980)

Albert Hunter and Robert L. Lineberry (1980-1981)

Margaret T. Gordon, Albert Hunter and Robert L. Lineberry (1981-1982)

Margaret T. Gordon and Albert Hunter (1982-1984)

Albert Hunter (1984-1985)

Dennis R. Judd and Donald Phares (1985-1992)

Dennis R. Judd (1992-2002)

Susan E. Clarke, Gary L. Gaile and Michael A. Pagano (2002-2009)

Susan E. Clarke and Michael A. Pagano (2009-2013)

Peter Burns, Jered B. Carr, Annette Steinacker, Jill Tao, and Antonio Tavares (2014-2019)

Phil Ashton, Peter Burns, Jered B. Carr, Joshua Drucker, and Yue Zhang (2020-Present)