Jered Carr


Jered Carr received his Ph.D degree in public administration from the Askew School at Florida State University and an M.A. in economics and B.A. in finance from Florida Atlantic University.

His dissertation, “The Political Economy of Local Government Boundary Change: State Laws, Local Actors, and Collection Action,” received the 2001 Leonard White Award from the American Political Science Association.

Carr is co-editor of City-County Consolidation and Its Alternatives: Reshaping the Local Government Landscape (ME Sharpe, 2004). His research has been published in a wide range of journals in public administration and urban affairs, including the American Review of Public Administration, Journal of Urban Affairs, Local Government Studies, Political Research Quarterly, Public Administration Review, Publius, State and Local Government Review, Urban Affairs Review and Urban Studies.

Previous to joining UIC, Carr was a faculty member at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Wayne State University, the College of Charleston and worked as a policy analyst for the Florida Legislature. He is an active member in the American Political Science Association, the Urban Affairs Association and the Section on Intergovernmental Administration and Management (SIAM) of the American Society for Public Administration.

Jered B. Carr is Department Head and Professor in the Department of Public Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Carr’s teaching and research interests are in intergovernmental management, metropolitan governance, and local government administration. He teaches courses in intergovernmental management, public administration, urban policy and local government administration. He has ongoing research programs focused on effective metropolitan governance, public services contracting, risk perceptions in intergovernmental service collaborations, the effects of city size and density on civic and political engagement.

Many of Carr’s published articles can be downloaded from the research network website ResearchGate and a full list of his published research is included in his CV available on the main faculty page at